Location: ITALY

Acquaintance tells of the 40-day Search and Rescue of the ship Humanity 1 in the Mediterranean Sea. On October 3, 2022, from the port of Palermo, the NGO Sos Humanity starts its  mission in the Mediterranean Sea. Between Oct. 22 and 24, 3 sea rescues took place, recovering 180 people on 3 different boats. It took 21 requests for a port of safety before a place of disembarkation was granted, but not everyone was allowed to disembark: 45 people were considered “healthy” and therefore stuck in “limbo” on the deck of the ship moored at the port of Catania. A cyclical story that has been happening in the Mediterranean Sea for at least 10 years. The result of the 40-day voyage is an analysis of how much the social ring of human beings has the ability to adapt depending on the physical spaces and the people with whom they interact, a photographic reportage that tells the story of a border, of human beings crossing it and the relationship between them. Search and Rescue’s mission that occurred between October and November 2022, narrated by Max Cavallari, is an analysis of the relationship between human beings and their ability to adapt. While the narrative basis recounts an event similar to what happens cyclically in the Mediterranean Sea, on the other hand, the gaze turns to the people who directly experience this: limited in one space, they are all surrounded by a dark, infinite and unpredictable sea


Via San Martino e Solferino 106