Location: ITALIA

The conversion of punishment into suspended sentences has been one of the key moments in the evolution of criminal systems. Since then, the re-education of the individual has imposed on its soul through the deprivation of freedom. In Italy, there are more than 300 youngsters under 25 detained in juvenile detention centres.

The IPM (Institute for young offenders) in Nisida is forbidden to the public. It is Naples’s juvenile prison, one of 17 in Italy and the first for average daily attendance.

The Institute has recently distinguished itself for having a cutting-edge re-education program that, in addition to the technical and educational workshops, also consists of activities in close contact with the lush nature of the island.

The exclusive opportunity to experience moments of freedom through contact with such a protected and amazing environment, despite them being imprisoned, aims to rehabilitate inmates that had previously idolized and copied the behaviour of local criminals.

Isolated from the world in the blush of youth, the boys of Nisida have the opportunity to change their lives.


Yarin Trotta del Vecchio is an italian documentary photographer based in Rome.

Born in 1991, he began his photographic training in 2014. In 2017 I obtained a Master degree in Reportage at the WSP collective in Rome. His works mainly consist of long-term projects with which he explores social issues trough anthropological approach. He currently collaborate with the NGO Doctors Without Borders and with national and international magazines. His works have been exhibited in Italy and abroad, receiving various awards in events such as: International Festival of Photojournalism Vilnius Photo Circle, Prix de la photographie Paris, International Month of Photojournalism di Padova, Italy Photo Award, Cortona on the Move, Lodi World Report Award, RPS Documentary Photographer of the Year and POY pictures of the year.


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