Maggiore Island, Trasimeno lake, 15 inhabitants.

Let’s pretend to be far from those schemes that regulate modern society, far from the influence of digital technologies, where the human being is the centre of it all.

The ground becomes a building, walls are borders, inhabitants are tenants.

Complex individuals, free men with rooted ideologies, who, in spite of a forced cohabitation don’t necessarily constitute a society, a well structured organism.

We are on an island, a self-sufficient and independent world, where miniaturization makes relationships and processes more visible, and thus more addressed.

A concept of living in close contact with the territory, seen as an imperative.

Individuals in seek of attention, in seen of a resolution for their both longed for and dangerous solitude.

The melancholy carving their faces, their closure standing out. The macro chaos of a microcosm.


Graduated in Economics and Commerce at Siena University, Elisa Modesti combines the rigour of a business career and her artistic journey, focusing on the investigation of the human figure in its various forms, from society reportage to lifestyle and through collaborations with cultural centers and festivals, which have allowed her to get in touch with the world of events.

Her projects have been presented in many exhibition venues in Arezzo, Cortona and Florence. Her unique thread: people and their frailty, their most hidden and deepest facets.

After attending a photo planning course, she enrols in a photography master at IED institute of Milan and thanks to the contact with professionals in the field she starts to dream big and discover new inputs; That’s the starting point for her two years long reportage: Isola(to), a research on territorial identity and micro society dynamics.


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