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Matjaz Krivic

“Lithium Road”

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Batteries are catalysts of massive changes in our time, both industrial and social. The boom of battery driven cars, phones and other gadgets is causing the market for its core component lithium to soar, creating a modern-day gold rush with geo-strategic consequences. Story follows the value chain of this rare mineral, from investment and prospecting in the US, to mining in Bolivia, production of batteries and cars in China and to the small oil state Norway leading the way to electrify all of its transportation – cars, buses, planes and boats. This is the story of how lithium is changing societies and just possibly might have a role in saving our planet. But at a high cost.


Matjaz Krivic is a documentary photographer capturing long-term stories of people and places. For 25 years he has covered the face of the earth in his intense, personal and aesthetically moving style, portraying poor parts of the world characterised by traditions, social unrest and religious devotion. In recent years he has been focusing on conservation and environmental issues and acting as an advocate for a greener future through his work.

His work and multimedia projects were exhibited in galleries, museums, open-air exhibitions in Slovenia and across the world, at international photo festivals like La Gacilly Photo, Les Rencontres d’Arles and Visa pour l’image, and were widely published around the world by numerous national and international media outlets including National Geographic, BBC, Wired, Boston Globe, Geo, Guardian, Stern, Spiegel, Le Figaro, Le Monde, Newsweek, GQ, Internationale, D-La Repubblica, Wall Street Journal, Forbes and many others. Krivic has won several prestigious awards, including World Press Photo, Picture of the Year International, and Lens Culture.

He has been judging several international photo competitions, occasionally giving out photography workshops around the world and has co-created a first Bolivian photo festival FotoFestival Manzana1 where he is a creative director.