Childhood seen through everyday life can be an alienating action for an adult’s eye. Memories are nuanced, uncertain and distant from reality.

It’s like suddenly losing your orientation and finding yourself in another, almost magical world, where you are balancing boundaries between reality and fantasy.

A tangible and at the same time dreamlike dimension in which it seems that everything is possible, as if it were transcending and even surpassing time.

And yet the representation is realistic, attentive and precise. Even apparently irrelevant details emerge and they acquire magical elements which, when scrolling through the images, become normal.

This balance between reality and fantasy is stopped and captured in the portraits of intimate environments, in the background of a small village in southern Italy, in the faces of little girls who grow up and discover the world, that which is still not theirs.


Graduated in 2002 from the photography course at the European Institute of Design in Rome, he later graduated in Theories and Practices of Anthropology with a thesis on Visual Anthropology entitled “Ethno-photography – Research with images about images”, at ‘La Sapienza University of Rome (2006).

Between 2003 and 2004 he made reportages in Angola and Amazonia. 

A photograph of Amazonia has been selected and published by National Geographic as part of the 2006 National Geographic International Contest.

In 2013 a long-term project began, not yet completed. In this project Ciambra aims to create a family diary in which he tries to describe, through photography, the growth process of his daughters, to report family and relational dynamics, the creation of identities and their different personalities.

As a passionate – and non-professional – of photography, in 2019 he founded the Photographic Association Nitida (associated with Fiaf) in an area with many photography lovers, but very few activities related to it.

In June 2020 the Photo Cult magazine publishes the photos of the family project “When does summer come?”

In June 2020, the “Magic Real Life” project was selected as the best portfolio at the IMP Festival – International Month of Photojournalism, and became part of the Italian Collection of the Italy Photo Award.

In September 2020 the “Magic Real Life” project was selected among the winners of the Px3 Prix de la Photographie de Paris.

An image of the “When does summer come?” is among the finalists of the contest “Lockdown suspended in the house” organized by GT Art Photo Agency and F2 progetti per la fotografia and joins the exhibition “Lockdown”.

In December 2020, the Fotoit magazine publishes the photos of the “Magic Real Life” project.

In 2021 “Magic Real Life” will be on display at the Cifa “Italian Centre of Author Photography” as a finalist portfolio of the “Portfolio Italy 2020 – Fujifilm Grand Prix“.

From 25 to 27 June 2021 “Magic Real Life” will be on display at the Festival of Contemporary Photography | XII edition – 12 ° Portfolio dello Strega.



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