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The photographic exhibition “Il gioco dell’oca” comes from the latest book of the author Matthias
Canapini, published in October 2021. A collection of notes, memories and dialogues through which the
main routes of migrants from sub-Saharan Africa to the Middle East are traced to the heart of Europe.
In about eight years of research, traveling from Southeast Asia to the Caucasus, the author has focused
on the consequences of contemporary and non-contemporary conflicts, with the intention of turning the
spotlight on the aftermath of a war.
The exhibition portrays symbolic fragments: the image of a house gutted without a roof; victims of
landmines; everyday forgotten inside the displaced camps. The setting frames faces from eyes
In “Il gioco dell’oca” based solely on luck (or fate), the box of arrival must be reached with an exact roll of
the dice, otherwise you back down or start over. This may reflect the circularity of history, the constant
wars, the spirals of violence that often come to the surface between propaganda, opportunism, barbed
The journey ends with a portrait of a little girl wearing a hat with the words “Happy”; Amira doesn’t smile,
doesn’t cry, but looks and asks, perhaps, to see.
Charity campaign
The proceeds from the symbolic sale of books and photographic pictures (minimum price: 10 euros) will
be donated entirely to the kindergarten “La Quercia della Memoria” (Vallato di San Ginesio – Marche), hit
and rendered unusable by the earthquake in October 2016. For those who want to contribute to the aid
campaign you can buy one or more books (or a photograph) also online, by contacting the author directly
at the following addresses: – +39 3270573574


Matthias Canapini is a writer, reporter and photographer born in Fano (Italy) in 1992. Since 2012 he has
traveled with his travel notes and camera committed to document conflict areas (Syria, Ukraine,
Kurdistan), the earthquake in central Italy, rural memories from Alps to Apennines, rugby as an inclusive
tool for marginalised people. His last book, “Il gioco dell’oca”, is about the mainly migrant routes from the
Middle-East to sub-Saharan Africa. Matthias collaborates with newspapers and magazines such as
Unimondo, LaViaLibera, Meditteraneo. His works were transformed into audio visual installations in
various national festivals.


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